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I, _______________________________, being the sole or joint owner and title holder of record to property address(s) __________________________________ in the CROSSING AT ONION CREEK, and being a member in good standing of the Association, do hereby appoint the following person as my agent and holder of my proxy for purposes of voting on any matters presented to the association membership at the meeting, to be held on May 1, 2019. I give full authority to said appointed proxy holder to vote for me in my name as if I was present in person at the meeting.
My Name Is: *
My Address in the HOA is: *
NAME OF MY PROXY HOLDER IS: (if left blank, the President will vote your Proxy)
It is important to the association and to each member that the annual meeting achieves a quorum. Therefore, we need your attendance or your proxy. You may designate someone of your choosing or if left blank will be voted by the HOA President. Even if you plan to attend, to insure quorum can be met, please submit this proxy immediately. When you arrive your proxy will be returned to you.

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